Shirgal-Wings customers consist of the leading governmental organizations, as well as the largest commercial corporations dealing with aviation. Among them are

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General Aviation Flight Schools and individual clients

Shirgal-Wings provides consultation services to civil aviation authorities and commercial airlines in foreign countries, including Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda and Ruanda.

Shirgal-Wings is the main school in Israel for qualifying ex-military and general aviation pilots for admission to the leading commercial airlines in Israel.

Throughout its years of activity Shirgal-Wings has qualified about 1,800 candidates for El-Al Airlines, of which about 800 pilots have accepted by the company. The pre-requisite requirements for airline candidacy consists of CPL, Instruments rating, Group C rating, English proficiency Rating (minimum grade – 5), and Human Performance rating – all trained by Shirgal-Wings.

Shirgal-Wings gives special discount to Air Force pilots who purchase the full package of civil licenses and ratings which pre-requisite requirements for submitting candidacy to El Al Airlines.

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Shiagal-Wings provide training services to the Israeli Air force, mostly to transport pilots. The military transport pilots are trained in two stages: Just after graduating the flight school they are qualified for a civil commercial pilot license, and several years later they are trained and qualified for ATPL.

Shiargal-Wings train the military controllers for their civil authorization test, which is required by the ICAA as part of their overall qualification.

Shirgal-Wings train and qualify ex-military pilots for a second career as civil pilots. Shirgal-Wings is the only institute in Israel that Is eligible for providing aviation courses that are funded through the “retirement Training basket” provided by the Retirement Department at the IDF’s Manpower Division.

Soldiers who finish their compulsory service term, may pay for their training in Shirgal-Wings with the money deposit which is released for their use only for specified studies or training.

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Sirgal-Wings is entitled an official training provider of IAA (Israel Airports Authority) employees, mainly controllers, by a multi-year contract.

Shirgal-Wings provides under this contract the following courses: basic air traffic controller; controllers OJT trainers; flight information briefers; flight information briefers OJT trainers; Human Performance studies for controllers.

Shirgal-Wings provides instructors and pseudo-pilots for IAA’s ATC simulator. The instructors are mostly highly experienced FAA retirees. The pseud-pilots are mostly ex-controllers of the Israeli Air-Force.


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